Entry Points

This Page Is organized in order of difficulty for the most part, easiest to hardest. If you skip the easy entries, don’t get peevish when you’re getting arrested every five seconds and can’t get into anywhere you’re trying to get into. There’s always a way in, but you have to think about it a bit.


If you’re like most gamers you skipped all the verbiage in the Overview section because you know what you’re doing in a computer game. Fine. But season your confidence with one straight tip. This isn’t what you’re used to. You don’t get some number of lives, you don’t rack up points, you can’t grab health booster shots or weapons along the way. There’s a way to win all right, but the obstacles in your path are intricate, devious, and baffling. When you decide it’s not worth playing, THEY win. Because everything in Shuteye Town is there for a reason, not just to make a big splash on your screen. If it doesn’t make some kind of a good-sized splash in your head, you lose.


1. Now Station

It’s the second station on the Shuteye Transit System’s ‘A’ Line, where the real subway traffic begins. Lots of Train sounds to pick from in Travel Tunes. And some Bowie.


2. Homez Station

It’s the second station on the ‘B’ Line of the Shuteye Transit System, the place where most of the town residents live and from which they proceed to work. You’re on your own for a Soundtrack. Many many options. At Travel Tunes. (NOTE: Consult the Fixes Page for help with two difficult links in the sequence.)

3. The Shuteye Mall

It’s the heart of the town’s retail economy. Early on, you may want to window shop, browse rather than try anything too adventurous. There’s an information kiosk in the center of the main floor that will take you to places in particular. Mall music is your choice, though Muzak is probably best. K-Mart is hard to beat. CAUTION: There are stores at the mall you won’t be able to enter from this starting point. Don’t give up trying, because some yield to effort, but not all do. To visit them all, you’d have to be willing to start from the real beginning, which is the last remaining option below.

4. The Original Start Of ST99

You will have two predominantly black screens to negotiate. If you’re not using a mouse, don’t bother. But the links are there even if you would swear on a stack of your mothers that they aren’t. Soundtrack? Try classical. Or ominous and eerie. Or downright sinister. All at Available at Travel Tunes. (NOTE: Consult the Fixes Page for help with two difficult and one broken links.)