Did you come here first, or have you already gotten arrested a bunch of times?

Most of the original marketing copy about ST1999 stressed the fact that Shuteye Town is a place, and the real experience available was to wander through as much of it as possible, to try the impossible, meaning see everything inside this multimedia world. That was true enough, but it also evaded the circumstance that along the way you would acquire a pretty detailed list of things to do and learn in Shuteye Town before you could be said to have “won” or more accurately, “escaped with honor.” The specific objectives you received from other characters or contextual hints would help you understand the experience more fully. The sense that milestones had to be earned was the reason passwords were employed in the original. These were so unpopular they got hacked early on, and the HTML version has never used them at all. Which makes progress easier but complicates the milestone attainment process in a couple of key locations. About a third of the questions (6) cannot be answered correctly without missing text files. You are not responsible for those. What you have left to do is plenty.

Your Mission and Objectives

Without further ado, here are the mission and objectives you have as a player in ST99:


1. Find all 19 books of The Zeezer Bible, meaning the ZB monk’s cell in which each is being written. You can tell this is important, because their monastic habits are almost the only symbols of organized religion in Shuteye Town. The text files containing the individual ZB scriptures were sheered off by the conversion to HTML, but you can find them if you want to badly enough.


2. Find the answers to the questions you will be asked in the final gauntlet you have to run before reaching South Street Station, Punk City, and “escape with honor.” These are the questions. You will not know or obtain the answers without visiting a very great percentage of Shuteye Town’s 3000 pages/frames. The questions are:


0. What is your name?


1. Who gave you the Apunkrypha book called Ka?


2. How many books of the ZB were were written by “feelmalez”?


3. Where did you find the book of Clipz?


4. How many chapters are in the book of Modelz?


5. Where did you find Daniel Edwards Mahaffey?


6. Where did you find the password to Mahaffey’s journal?


7. What did you find at the Center of the UnderNet?


8. Where did you find the book of Loyerz?


9. Who gave you the map of Shuteye Town? (Two acceptable answers)


10. Who gave you the opportunity to read from The Secret Testament?


11. Where did you find the book of Copz?


12. What is card Number 18 of the Ka Tarot?


13. Who wrote The End of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the 3-Dimensional Mind?


14. What was intended to be the “shining centerpiece of The Zeezer Bible”?


15. Who was Elizabeth going to marry in Shammadamma?


16. Who was Marie’s son in Bloodcry?


17. Where does Doctor Dream come from??


18. Where did you find the mayor? (Two acceptable answers)


19. Who is the father of Doctor Dream?


20. Where is Shuteye Town?


21. Where is Punk City?

A Word about Time

Everything in Shuteye Town occurs simultaneously. You are like a time traveler who has been allowed to visit one brief chunk of the past. You cannot change anything but your own memory and experience. You cannot conquer, capture, own, kill anything. You can only learn by your repeated visits to the same timeframe. No matter what happens during a single visit, the place you return to will be unchanged. The same people will be in the same locations at the mall, on the subway platform, on the train, in the interior spaces where there is an illusion that time is passing. It isn’t. Why there are no points awarded, no kills recorded, no progress charted from level to level. The only thing that can change or win or attain to anything is you. Where the whole game is played. In your head.


Your only advantage is in fact a big one. No matter how downtrodden or victimized you feel, you are in an important sense above it all. You have all the time in the world. Even timing doesn’t matter. No need ever to hurry or smack the button faster than some computer algorithm. Why you don’t need points or kills or bells going off as you achieve the ‘Next Level.’ You’re not climbing a ladder (even when it seems you are doing exactly that). You’re exploring the final seconds of the Second Millennium A.D. in a virtual world called Shuteye Town.

Good luck with that.