1. The Undernet

This is its own self-contained world, though you can leave at any time. The mission here is to find all four corners and the Center of the Undernet. Not that easy to do. The only prizes are information that may be useful later, whether you recognize it now or not. (Perfect for a Travel Tune. You’ll be in there a while. Try TETRIS.)

2. The Red Light District

Two points of entry, as shown. They’re directly connected by their own links, of course. Travel Tunes will be a big plus, way different than going it alone. Lots of choices. Urban sounds an easy perfect pick. 90s music great too.

Babez Station





3. “Through the Looking Glass”

Self explanatory without explaining anything. You’ll see. You CAN find your way back through the glass though. If no looking glass is involved you just fell asleep without actually escaping. That’s J. Doe physics. Travel Tunes kind of a must. Check the list. The right ones should jump out at you.magic word? LOONEY TOONS.

4. The XOFF Network

A lot like watching real TV. Not that easy to bail. If and when you get tired, just quit ST99 and start over if you don’t want to stay up long enough to see Conan. Getting creative with Travel Tunes will help pass the time during all those commercials. 90s music at very low volume is a great mood setter.

5. An Evening’s Browse at Beloved Faces

Beloved Bodz next door is also connected to this store via a downstairs corridor. Travel Tunes? Definitely. Take your pick. K-Mart Mall music is ideal.Or just go with women’s voices.

6. Haven’t seen enough cops already?

two Points of entry. One that may surprise you, one that may baffle. If you come back without having seen the STPD computer database, you’ve failed. If you can’t find the cop training program, never mind. That other smarter guy than you will find it. Travel Tunes tip isn’t a tune but a Philly Police Scanner audio.

7. Ready for a shoot’em up video game?

So you didn’t do as well as you usually do. This is Shuteye Town. Where all the rules are up for grabs. More grist for the police scanner. But there are plenty of gunfire loop apps out there to choose from, most of which will play happily in background.

8. The Hall of Architects

Not everything can be fun fun fun all the time. Especially labyrinths you don’t want to get to the heart of. Travel Tunes Tip? Try Dorkey or the Monologues.

9. Lawyers can advertise now.

If you’re like most, you don’t really look at their ads. Big mistake.

10. Then Station


One of those touristy things you just have to see.

11. The Helperz/Feds/Corpz/Mediaz Office Labyrinth


Top floors a great place to start but wander as you will. Move from office to office, and also use exit arrows to hit the other complexes in the maze. See if anyone anywhere can help you answer your mission questions. If you bail and head back to the trains, you’ve officially lost. Recommended music is jazz, especially Brubeck and Bill Evans, but use your own judgment.

12. The Hormone Vending Machine

Was ST99 ahead of its time? Yes. Here's a complicated little thing that always stumps us? But if you can make it work, you're a champ in the gender sweepstakes, whatever else you are.

13. An Unexpected Way Out


It’s simple. Just do what comes naturally in a Men’s Room. But first, pick yourself a rock hard Travel Tune. Welcome to the Jungle?

BONUS: The Nation


What do you call it when you get a bonus for free? A bluebird. Gravy. Would you like some Brussels Sprouts with that?