Fire up that Smartphone & Go w/Tunes or Background Sounds (especially on your side trips)

All-Around Musts in Long Sound Accompaniment

The Text in this list is verbatim YouTube titles. You can search for these and play them with the help of The Dolphin Drill below or with a second device such as a smartphone.

A Basket of Possible Soundtrack Options

These names are how YT has them. Same for all three sets.

Lot of good long ones here for mall/subway, etc. Use the Vidgame tracks for the Undernet.

You can find your own too, obviously. Just 90s-appropriate suggestions here.

The Dolphin Option

The Dolphin Drill


This is an incredibly easy way for Apple Users to play YouTube music in background as they navigate ST99. Similar services exist for devices in the Microsoft Windows base.



Other Options

Youtube is certainly willing to sell you a subscription to background play capability. 


Other providers offer background audio audio sources that can play while you work in other applications. Searches for these vendors are pretty simple: background audio that plays under other apps, for example. Free is good, and free is available.


Sound FX apps are abundantly available, particularly in the Apple environment. Many of them have built-in loops for sounds like trains, crowds, gunfire, etc. Most seem designed to be used with other apps.


LIVE audio apps exist for police scanners, which seem unperturbed about playing in background.


the Wayback Machine has abundant music Archives, manynof them featuring entire albums from throughout recording history, including radio and TV programs in addition to music of every genre.