Some Questions & Links

Q’s for the adventurous. Or the obsessive.

Something happened in Room 80 at the Daze Inn on Shuteye Strip. Can you discover what it was?

There’s a young dark-haired girl in trouble in a bathtub at one of the Shuteye University dorms. Can you find her and turn on the light?

It really is necessary at some point to lease a car at the mall. It can be done. But can it be done by you?

There is one place where you can hitch a ride on the Black Ka, a.k.a. the Raven. It’s a different experience than flying on the Raptor. Can you take that Raven Ride?

Did you find Daniel Pangloss’s single screen mini-essays about Denim and Mothers’ Tears?

Did you find the lobby at the Hilton?

Did you find the Secret Express? If you didn’t, you’re not being curious enough.

Did you find the emergency exits (very small) from the Scriptorium, the Library, and Starz Station? Pretty cool ride.

Teaser Quick Links

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