General Advice

When you don’t like where you’ve just gone or what happened there, use the Back Button to return to the previous screen. There are levels of Back Buttons on most devices. Use the smaller or level one to change screens within ST99. You’ll make mistakes about this automatically at first and find yourself back here or somewhere else you don’t want to be. But your fingers will learn the right key through time and practice.

Use your mouse to find links. The pop up hand will show when you’ve located one. Some links are small in area, and some are slightly left, right, etc, of where you’d expect them. (An HTML artifact. Word used drawing objects to link; HTML employs a coordinate system.) Tablets can find links, but only by clicking. Smartphones require frequent image stretching to locate links and sometimes just don’t. Best to stay with or laptop or desktop whenever possible.

Make use of the Favorites and/or Bookmarks functions of your computer. Bookmark the Entry Points you’re offered, for example, because you’ll get chucked out of Town or flee there yourself from time to time if you feel trapped. Bookmark this site and all the pages you use often. This practice will save time and lots of it.

When you encounter a Missing File situation, you’ll be sent automatically to a page at (the Deerhound Diary blog), where the machinery is being built to provide you with a swift transfer to the Missing Text or image file, plus a return to where you were in Shuteye Town. The Back Button will return you at once to where you were. The place where you are most likely to click on missing files is Moon Books, and the problem is easily avoided: DO NOT CLICK ON THE FRONT COVERS OF BOOKS  on the screens where front and back covers are shown.

DON’T click on the yellow loudspeaker and question mark icons or the painting palette icons. These are dead links to the Word97 sound files that were lost during the HTML conversion. They will simply beep if clicked, which normally stops any background audio playing on the device. Just ignore them. Their absence is partially addressed by our Travel Tunes Page and will be dealt with more fully in release 2.0. Because of its heavy reliance on these missing sound files, Starz Station is best avoided, although you can visit the main page in the interior, from which you can exit safely via a tiny oval link in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Links to Possibly Helpful Information

We’ve told you there’s a dispute about the authorship of Shuteye Town 1999. Just to keep you in the loop, there are two candidates: 1) R. F. Laird, the nominal author of The Boomer Bible and ST99; 2) The Punk Writers of South Street in Philadelphia, who were first publicized if not invented by R. F. Laird and who vanished without a trace in May 1985, the night of the notorious MOVE Bombing, 14 long years before the release of ST99. If you’re inclined to research this matter yourself, here are three links that might be of assistance.

Laird Ink


This is Laird’s own site. He claims to have developed ST99 in the 24 months of 1998 and 1999. Other disputed works about punks are included here, as are some unrelated books.

Post-Mortem on Punk (Excerpt)


A brief overview of the Punk Writer phenomenon and a telling part of one of the few academic considerations of their contribution (or not) to the literary canon. The author of the text is Professor Eliot Naughton, late of Princeton.

The South Street Mystery


This is one of a number of off-the-wall sites that have arisen to dispute claims that the Punk Writer community simply faded away in the mid-1980s. Like Elvis or the Comte St. Germain, some legends die hard. Theories proposed here are not generally taken seriously anywhere but on the Internet.