Difficult Links

Only a couple of links on this page are actually broken and they will be identified as such. The rest are merely difficult to locate, based on years of experience by the travelers before you. Truthfully, many things that will appear impossible to navigate in Shuteye Train are not; they are merely part of the devious labyrinthine design of the place. Keep trying. When you’re lost, there’s always the Comment feature at this site. At worst you’ll receive a helpful hint. Otherwise, persist.

Homez Station

One complication affects two files at Homez Station. Neither is critical to seeing the primary locales at the station. But they are fun to explore and difficult to enter. You’ll know them when you see them and are stopped by them. The complication is that both were linked to a sound file that was lost in the HTML conversion but still exists as a large area indicated as hyperlinked. The actual hyperlink in each case is quite small and even with a mouse can only be found by repeated trial and error. Not fair. We’re showing you the file you see followed by the corresponding link map that points to the exact location of the elusive hyperlink. You can take it from that point.

The ST99 File

The black line shows the path from the link code to the link itself, which is small rectangle.

The ST99 File

The link map. Only the small rectangle is the hyperlink. The car is part of the lost sound FX.

The Original Start

Two deliberate obstacles and one artifact of the HTML conversion are responsible for the decision to begin Version 1.3 at the mall. The first two files are part of the same sequence almost immediately after you enter the first of many ST99 tunnels. The first had two links, both small and counterintuitively positioned. (There was a sense in the original development effort that entry to the Shuteye world had to be earned.) The second had one link only. The link maps of both files are included below. The third file will be handled separately.

The ST99 File

The associated link map.

The ST99 File

The associated link map.

You can skip these paragraphs if you just want a fix, not an explanation. For the rest of you there’s this...


THE BROKEN LINK. There may be some other broken or missing links, but they are remarkably few, at most a fraction of one percent of an estimated 10,000 hyperlinks. They occur most often at what you might call the fringes of Shuteye Town, where interaction with punk writer texts was far more frequent; the links are missing because they originated in text not graphic files. These will be dealt with in Version 2.0. 


HOWEVER: This particular link is an unfortunate consequence of HTML conversion. The link map shows that it was there originally, but slightly misplaced, enough to be sheared off by the screen capture step. A workaround is provided in the caption text below.

Mother Teez. You need to try on your shirt in the fitting room, then escape. No link.

The link map shows why no link. It overshot its mark. Bookmark the original file.

Fixing The Broken Link


Bookmark the original file or add it to your favorites. Do the same with the file at the link above. When you arrive at the first file, click on the bookmark for the second. Easy peasy. This way, you can proceed through the symbolic J. Doe dressing sequence as many times as seem helpful.

Other Difficult Links

Difficult is the right word. There are many. The ones addressed here have technical issues. Ones you will be convinced have technical issues don’t. Either you are meant to be stranded for a reason, or you are meant to get into a location by another route you haven’t discovered. As we learn from future visitors, we will provide assistance on the Cheats Page. Because there are almost no instances where a stranding is not a deliberate design decision of ST99. Our decision to furnish a Cheat will likely be the reversal of original thoughts on the matter.