ST99 V1.4 Is Free...

...because there’s no better way to bring it to you. Nevertheless, we have what we think is a proposition of mutual benefit to offer you. If you enjoy the online content, we suggest you buy two books (about 100 pages each) that will directly enhance the experience. That way, you get more and we get more from your time in Shuteye Town.


The Zeezer Bible

This print book is a direct outgrowth of Shuteye Town. Many of the missing text files outside Moon Books are in fact individual books of The Zeezer Bible, rendered in the font which originally appeared in the first Word97 version. As an accompaniment to the online ST99 it’s invaluable.


As a bonus it also contains The Snowflake Bible, an even shorter scripture for today’s student age Millennials. Also with its own apt typeface.


$7.99 for both at

The Lounge Conversations

This print volume is also a direct outgrowth of Shuteye Town 1999. It contains all the Socratic dialogues of Daniel Pangloss in the passenger lounges of the ‘A’ Line subway under the city. It represents, along with The Zeezer Bible, the majority of Missing Text Files outside Moon Books at the mall.


Rendered in dialogue form, it’s a quick read and indispensable for seeing the whole of Pangloss’s cultural view in a unified work.


$6.99 at Amazon Books. 

Is that a fair deal? Your call.